How to


HOW TO USE IZZIFIX - Alcove shelving. Instructions below or click on VIDEO to see demonstration.

Start by marking the height you want the shelf in the alcove, using a hand saw and a tape measure cut your shelf to fit the alcove making sure it fits snugly. Measure the thickness of the shelf and half it, (eg. 18 / 2 equals 9mm) mark this measurement down from height line. Level round the alcove at this height. This is the centre line of the shelf.

Then using the 12mm wood drill bit provided, drill two holes in each end of the shelf making sure they are not too close to the corners, otherwise you will split the wood. In this example if the shelf is 250mm deep mark in 35mm from the front and back edge and then half its thickness which is 9mm. Drill each hole to 51mm depth stop on the drill bit. Slide the IZZIFIX into each drilled hole. Take the shelf and then on a slight angle mark the centre points of each fixing in the alcove on the level line. Drill using the 12 mm masonry bit provided, the 4 holes for the wall inserts, to a depth of 12mm. Push the top hats into the holes making sure the removed V shape is at the top. Once this is done the shelf is ready to click into place.


Follow the above instructions. But on inserting the dowels make sure the sloping plane (angled tip) is facing to the up side of the shelf, so the shelf can be removed if taped from the underside.


The IZZIFIX comes in two separate parts, the first being the dowel with a uniquely designed spring loaded tip, and secondly the wall insert. This combination gives the product strength, rigidity, ease of use and professionalism. The wall insert has a V shape on the outer edge, which when pushed into the wall needs to be placed with the V at the top! This V acts as a locater allowing the user easier placement of the shelf or the divider in question. Also aides the user on the removal of the object.

So now you have all the information on this easy to use ingenious and unique multi use product why not give us a call on 01274 123456 or order on line.