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IZZIFIX stocks two affordable invisible fixings, which can be used for all shelves in recesses, this also applies to any object to be fitted between two fixed points, i.e. walls and ceilings. Its unique design simplifies many tasks. Whether you are a specialized tradesmen or the most inexperienced DIY person, IZZIFIX helps accomplish home improvements with ease and professionalism.

IZZIFIX does away with nuts, bolts, unsightly screws and wood, making the finished shelving with clean lines and a modern and effortless finish.

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more benefits

We live in the 21st century, life is fast and gives us little time for true relaxation and enjoyment. We all want products which enable us more freedom and less hassle. Using the retractable IZZIFIX in your home makes decorating simplicity itself.

Whether re-painting banisters, papering a wall or a total home makeover, IZZIFIX retractable minimises preparation time. No more taping or careful painting, no more awkward cutting of wall paper. Just simply remove the shelving and away you go.

IZZIFIX retractable, making your life easy!